Project Description

Download 8.5″ x11″ Trifold Brochure Template

A Classic Information Delivery System

A staple product for letting clients know more about you. While standard for most companies, it’s designed to be flexible enough that you can always make it your own.

The Material:


A good choice for someone looking to get a more budget friendly paper, but still wants to ensure that the information gets across. It comes in two weights; standard (80#) and premium (100#).


The sturdiest of the standard paper options, using a cover weight will give the piece a nice heft. There are also two weights for it; standard (80#) and premium (100#).

Our Options:


We offer a variety of folding options for any need. The fold-in-half and trifold are the most common, but we can also do a z-fold, which folds similarly to a trifold except one panel folds backwards instead of forwards. The double parallel fold is when we fold the piece in half, then in half again in the same direction as the first fold.


We have a few beautiful coatings to make your brochures beautiful. The first is a high gloss coating, which adds a noticeable sheen to your brochures. The second is a soft touch coating, which gives the brochures


Why are the edges of brochures I’ve seen sometimes white and rough when it’s folded?

This is called cracking. Essentially, the paper fibers have been folded too aggressively and, rather than folding with the piece, have broken through the layer of ink. We score the paper before folding it as a preventative measure against this issue.

What if I want a heavier stock?

We can certainly supply one, just ask for a quote! Keep in mind that the heavier the stock, the greater the risk of the pieces cracking.

Are there other folding options available?

Definitely! We have the most common folds on the site, but call in and we can help get you what you need.