Project Description

A Useful Product for Efficient Organization

Do you need three copies of a form or receipt? Would you rather not have to write out each and every copy? Then this is definitely your product.

Essentially, a carbonless form is several sheets of paper that have (usually) been glued together with a very light glue. Each sheet has ink embedded in it so that the pressure from writing on one sheet will apply ink to the top of the next sheet. This saves time every time you have to write up a purchase order, receipt, invoice, etc.

Our Options:


Want everything neatly in order? Most people do. Numbering lets you ensure that you have easily trackable forms. Best part is that if you need to order more don’t worry about starting back over from 1. Just let us know what your starting and stopping numbers are and we’ll take care of the rest.

Carbonless Gluing

This is a complimentary service that we provide. Every set of forms will be glued together in its own set. That way, you can always make sure that the form stays together until use and that the pages remain aligned when writing on it.

Sheet Counts

Our order forms come in 2 and 3 part, the most common for businesses everywhere.


Can I run these through a laser printer?

They will not damage the machine when going through it. However, NCR paper needs pressure to be able to transfer ink between sheets, so it’s best to simply write on the form sets.

What is NCR?

NCR stands for No Carbon Required. Previously, duplicate forms had a thin layer of dry ink on them that would transfer between sheets. This was problematic because it could be messy and smudged easily. NCR needs more pressure and uses ink microcapsules, so the process is cleaner overall.

How many sheets can the form be?

At most, a form can consist of 5 sheets. A person cannot reasonably put enough pressure down when writing to make the ink press on to any greater number of pages.