Project Description

Proudly Remaining Open

Unfortunately, many businesses have had to close their doors during the pandemic, so it’s good to announce that you are and will remain open to customers who are driving by. Get yours and get the word out today!

The Material:

Vinyl banner material consists of two parts; polyester mesh and vinyl sheets. The mesh gives the banner strength and support, while the vinyl creates a surface for print.

Our Options:


If the banner needs to be hung, these are necessary. Grommets are the metal rings punched through the vinyl that keep rope from tearing the holes it’s strung through.

Wind Slits

This is a must if the banner is not going to lay flat against a hard surface. These semi-circle cuts ensure that wind simply passes through the banner rather than pushing against it.


Why is my banner cracking?

This usually occurs when a banner is folded for storage. Vinyl banners must instead be rolled up to prevent cracking.