Project Description

For when emails just won’t do the trick.

You already know about what an envelope is and what it’s for. What you may not know is just how many sizes and shapes are available, as well as some security features.

The Material:


For when you want to put your customers address on the letter itself, or don’t want to write out every address. Comes in both #9 and #10 options.


A mainstay of almost any industry. Comes in both #9 and #10.

Security Tinted

Are the letters that you’re sending filled with information best kept from prying eyes? Then take a look at these. Each envelope is lined with a particular tint that makes it very difficult to see what’s inside.


If you need to send out packets of information, or just don’t want to have the contents folded, then this may be useful. Available options are 6×9, 9×12, or 10×13.


These are very similar to catalog envelopes; except they open from the side instead of the top. These are great for larger packets of info that can’t be as easily slotted into a catalog envelope. They have the same size options as our catalog envelopes.

A-series and Baronials

You may have noticed that these don’t appear in our dropdown list. Don’t worry, they are still available. Just call in or email us to get a quote.


Are there color options besides white?

Yes there are. Call us to find a color option that works best for you.