Project Description

Your Customer’s Supply of Grab and Go Information

Do you need to tell a customer all about your company with a piece that can travel anywhere with you? Do you want them to have a something to remember what you told them that’s easy to carry? This is a product worth looking at.

Our Options:


We have our premium 100# Matte and Gloss options, depending on how much of a sheen you want on your piece. For those looking for heavier options never fear, because our cardstocks should handle the job nicely.


For the discerning client, it never hurts to have a little extra boost that makes your advertising more memorable. How does an ultra-glossy look sound, using our high gloss UV Coating? Maybe you want your cards to have an intriguing texture that no customer could touch without comment? For that we have our matte sof-touch coating, giving your rack cards a pleasant velvet-like texture.


Can my rack cards be a little larger than 4” x 9”?

We can certainly print them for you. Just keep in mind that they will be too big for traditional racks.

What kind of information should I put on them?

At minimum you need your logo and contact information. These days graphics make up a large part of the card since they’re significantly more eye-catching than plain font. Make sure to include the base information and overall services, but do not get too in-depth.