Hello! At One Stop Printing we emphasize a strong focus on our customers. This is so integral to our company we decided, with the permission of our customers, to share their stories and capture what matters to them. Our first story is from Fort Worth ISD about their “Future is Bright! A Week of Suicide Prevention”.
               Here’s a bit of background first. Fort Worth ISD is well known for ensuring the continuation of education and improved literacy throughout Fort Worth. A difficulty they have seen, along with the rest of the country, is the rise of teen suicide and mental health problems. This is a well-documented issue that has only worsened over the course of the last decade and has left many school districts grasping for a solution. Unwilling to allow this epidemic to grow further, FWISD’s administrators and counselors sat down with students from 23 different high schools across the district to determine why current efforts to curb suicide haven’t been enough. Questions asked included what can adults do differently? What do you need? Why? Unanimously, students said adults seem to be afraid to broach difficult topics, especially those as sensitive as suicide and mental health issues. From these student focus groups a plan formed.
               Many people believe that adults are the only ones who can make changes in society, but the student response to recent suicides proves otherwise. Middle and high school students across all of Fort Worth’s 140 campuses, organized by the youth groups United Voices for Change and Youth Voices for Change, have banded together to create this week of events. These kids have organized fundraisers that have brought in thousands of dollars in donations, written to Mayors and city officials of the 41 Tarrant municipalities, and contacted the 14 other public school districts in Tarrant County to gain support and momentum because together we can make a difference. Recently they have even been given airtime on the local news networks.
        So, all told, what have these students’ efforts created? Starting Monday this week, schools will be handing out highlighters to highlight the fact that 20% of Americans suffer from mental health issues. The goal is to destigmatize mental health concerns because we all will experience a myriad of issues throughout life. Also, students will be putting up posters and holding discussions to inform others about the red flags of suicidal behavior. They will be sharing resources of how to get help or help those in need. Beyond that, throughout the week students and teachers will be educated about a variety of common mental illnesses that many Americans manage on a daily basis to normalize discussions about these hard to broach topics.
               On Thursday, a pep rally will be held after school to provide time for speakers from several organizations, as well as to provide a large open forum for questions. Finally, at the end of the week, students will participate in the “Out of the Darkness Walk” sponsored by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. The walk starts at the Shops at Clearfork. They hope many students and parents participate to demonstrate their improved understanding and willingness to continue helping those who struggle with suicidal thoughts and mental illness.
               Please be sure to show your support for these wonderful young men and women who show that youth is not a barrier when it comes to finding solutions. #myfutureisbright #brightfutures #bealifeline
We are proud to have supplied the posters and cards for this event.